Komplexlager 12 / Malachit Halberstadt

Logistik- und Lagerbereich: Lagerstollen
Logistik- und Lagerbereich: Lagerstollen. Creation date: 04.11.2005. © Thomas Kemnitz


From April 1944 prisoners from the Langenstein-Zwieberge concentration camp were forced to drive an approx. 16 km long tunnel through the Thekenbergen hills near Halberstadt so that aircraft engines for Junkers could be manufactured underground. The site was codenamed “Malachite”.

More than 4000 prisoners died as a result of the murderous working conditions and the April 1945 death marches. A memorial on the former camp territory is dedicated to the memory of those who built the underground armaments factory.

The Red Army endeavoured to blow up the factory tunnels in 1945 and the site was officially declared to be destroyed. However, from 1980 onwards parts of the former factory were further opened and were used by the East German armed forces as a major mobilisation depot under the name Komplexlager (Storage Facility) 12, project number 16/630.

In 1990 more than 9000 tonnes of munitions, clothing and equipment were stored there. The new facility had its own bunker at its centre, together with accommodation and services areas - a bunker within a bunker - with the aim of ensuring that the storage depot could operate autonomously in an emergency.

Thereafter, the Bundeswehr used the facility until December 1993 as an equipment depot for its airforce (Materialdepot 52).
In 2001 the site hit the headlines when former East German currency notes, which had been stored there in 1965 and 1990, were being circulated amongst collectors.

Attempts were made in 2003 - 2005 to open the site, now in private hands, to tourists. However, following a scandal concerning the illegal dumping of thousands of tonnes of rubbish there at the end of 2006, the site was broken into over the following years and items removed. It is now closed.

Location information

Vor den Thekenbergen,  38820 Halberstadt,  Sachsen-Anhalt,  Deutschland



Historical periods of use (construction period)

1939 - 1945,  1945 - 1990,  after 1990

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